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The appraisal process begins once Ryan meets with you to discuss your goals. This includes the type of appraisal you are seeking, the number of relevant artworks, the timeline of the assignment, and so on. These factors will affect the methods that Ryan will need to undertake to ensure the best results for your final report. Once details including scheduling, expectations, and fee structure are finalized, Ryan will offer a contract for you to approve.

The Process

How it All Comes Together

Step 1: Consultation

The on-site assessment is where all of the physical characteristics of your artwork are carefully examined. This includes the work's condition, dimensions, and attribution, with tools such as UV light and magnification equipment at hand if necessary. The photographs and written descriptions taken during the assessment will act as the foundation for the next step of the appraisal process.

Step 2: On-Site Assessment

Step 3: Research & Market Analysis

The final written report will act as the culmination of the appraisal process. It will feature a wealth of objective data that considers your intended use. This may include artist biographies, written artwork descriptions, photographs, market data, value findings, cost estimations, and more. As a professional appraisal report, it will serve as a legal document for you to utilize. Like every other facet of HAFA's services, the report will comply with the up-to-date standards set forth by ISA and USPAP.  

Step 4: Final Appraisal Report

After the physical characteristics of the artwork are meticulously evaluated, Ryan will start collecting data for the final report. Any information regarding the provenance, attribution, and rarity of the artwork will be confirmed through verifiable sources. Once these characteristics are considered, Ryan will explore comparable items within the most appropriate markets, and will also research greater art market trends. The determined value for each artwork on the final report will be accompanied by the data that was used to substantiate it.

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Start Your Consultation

Whether you are ready to start the appraisal process or have questions that are specific to your goals, we are here for you: 

Fee Structure

All fees are based upon an hourly rate for necessary tasks, which include time for travel, property inspection, research, and report formatting. Additional costs, such as those associated with producing hard copies of the appraisal report, will also be considered.


A retainer fee is expected at the time of the on-site assessment, and all remaining fees are due upon the delivery of the final report. A contract with a cost breakdown will be provided at the on-site assessment for you to review and approve.

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